Welcome to the website of Sivi Davey BA Hons.

I am a Scottish artist  printmaker and sculptor.

I was born in rural Galloway in south-west Scotland and spent my childhood guddling about in the streams and river-banks near my home. Through my father's microscope I observed  the delicate mechanisms of minute forms and patterns, and came to appreciate the peculiar beauty and sheer oddness of nature's creepy crawlies.

This early experience formed the main source from which my images spring. I now find a rich source of inspiration in the forms and rhythms of the woodlands and countryside surrounding my home in the Scottish Borders.


I employ a range of materials and techniques to convey my ideas, including printmaking, ceramics and sculpture. The work is often abstract in form while retaining strong elements of its organic origin.

I hold a range of classes from my studio and occasionally teach in a variety of other situations.

My work is held in private and public collections, and I exhibit widely throughout Scotland and the North of England.

Please contact me if you would like to be added to my mailing list for updates on classes, exhibitions and new work.

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